Family Law

Dissolution of Marriage

This is a fancy way of saying divorce. We represent Petitioners (that’s the person who initiates the divorce proceedings) and Respondents (that is the person who is being sued for divorce.) Children, money, and property are the red meat of a divorce. We handle those issues. Sometimes the prospective client enters our office so out of control angry because of the spouse’s betrayal that a clamor is made to rip the spouse apart, to take everything that the spouse owns away, to make the spouse hurt, and to punish him or her for destroying the marriage. We don’t do that. We do not seek to overtly punish anyone. We do hold people accountable. That sometimes does make a person feel punished. We seek justice for our clients. That means we are zealous in protecting our clients’ claim on property, current financial assets, future support (alimony in all of its forms), and child raising (parenting plans.)

Parenting Plans and Child Support

A key element of Dissolution of Marriage cases involving children…

Domestic Violence (DV)

If you are a victim of domestic violence you can file for a court order in which the Judge tells the perpetrator that he or she must stay a defined distance away from you and your family under threat of a Contempt of Court charge. We see domestic violence charges fraudulently brought in many cases where the Petitioner attempts to misuse the injunction as leverage in other legal proceedings or as a hammer to punish a person for any of a number of reasons. We defend our clients against fraudulent charges of domestic violence. We seek Domestic Violence Injunctions for our clients who need the protection. We also tell our clients that even a Final Injunction is just a piece of paper. Paper is a poor shield against a determined assault. But, the injunction is a useful tool to involve police support before the assault and battery takes place.

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